I’m Mark Morford, a freelance writer and culture critic for the San Francisco Chronicle and SFGate (and others), as well as a longtime Vinyasa yoga teacher in San Francisco. It’s true.

I released a lovely book in 2010, called The Daring Spectacle, a mega-compendium of my finest and most incendiary Chronicle columns and assorted hate mail, banned pieces and related journalistic sacrilege. Amazon has it in stock now. I also have a new iPhone app: Mark Morford’s APOTHECARY, released in 2013, a wild treasury of hundreds of my best columns, plus hot advice, exclusive recommendations, thousands of quotes and other assorted joys. It‘s sort of awesome. Download it now from the App Store. It’s FREE.

I’ve also written for a number of publications ranging from Mother Jones to The Sun, Sex+Design to Yoga Journal, but not Guns & Ammo or Quilter's World, so please stop asking. I’m also the creator of the Yoga for Writers (Y4W) series of workshops, and a contributor to The Huffington Post. My full bio is here.

Hook up with me on Facebook or Twitter, send me a delicious email at etc at markmorford dot com, join my mailing list, or come to one of my yoga classes. Jesus God Shiva, isn’t that enough?

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